Getting a Notebook for College

I prefer to use a desktop to a notebook, but I can’t take my heavy desktop PC everywhere with me. A notebook’s portability makes it very convenient for doing work on the go, and for entertainment too. For the new semester of college, I decided to get a notebook to supplement my PC. I wen to the Melhores Marcas De Notebook website to get an idea of which notebook would be the best one for my needs. I wanted to keep the price of the notebook below a certain amount because I had a limit income that I was getting from my part time job.

I wanted to have a notebook that was light enough to carry around all day, had enough battery power to last for hours, and powerful enough hardware to run some of the more intense applications. I occasionally do some light video editing and play games when I have free time, and although my desktop computer has more than enough power to handle something like this, not all notebooks can, especially not for the price that most people are willing to pay. The portability of the laptop plays a huge role in determining what kinds of parts can go into it.

I went it a notebook that was pretty good in terms of price and specs. The battery lasts for 4 hours, and it can run some fairly recent games on low to medium settings. Occasionally I will sneak in a quick game during the middle of class and no one will notice since I’m sitting in the back row with the sound down. I can still record the lectures using my phone, so as long as I review them before the day is over, everything is fine. I bet I can do it in the middle of my other classes too.

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